Anti Radicalisation – Spot the signs

Spot the signs…


What does radicalisation mean?
anti_radRadicalisation means when someone is involved with extreme religious or political views. This can mean they are actively involved in planning violent acts or encouraging, through preaching, social media and indoctrination, (which means through family teaching).

We tend to associate this with lslam due to the recent acts of terrorism in the news, but this is not always the case and there are other groups of people that feel it is acceptable to  make their own views known using violence and extreme practices.

Why do we keep hearing about it?
There have been many incidents and acts of violence recently that we have been made aware of on the news. Due to social media, extremists are finding access to more people and altering their views and beliefs. More recently terrorism and radicalisation is being reported through media and we need to make sure we are aware of how this happens.

Why is Consortia Training talking about it?
More people have been inducted and encouraged to support radicalisation and extremism. Recently people have disappeared or travelled to join these groups. Some of these people have been around the age of some of our learners. Their families and friends have had no idea they have been involved with these groups.

lf you are an employer, employee or a learner and you are worried about another person’s behaviour you must make sure you make a note of what makes you suspicious and make someone aware of your concerns. We assume people are stupid for joining these groups, but it is easy to be drawn in, especially if you are vulnerable, wanting to fit in, and these people are experts at convincing others their beliefs are correct. Knowledge is power, the more we make yourselves aware of this the better chance we have stopping radicalisation in its tracks.

What has it got to do with me?
lf you use the internet and find pictures or information encouraging radicalisation you should report it to If you are concerned for a friend or a colleague, or if you feel that someone is trying to influence you, get help, tell someone!


Reporting terrorist activity to the police
Call 999 or the police anti-terrorist hotline on 0800789 321 to report an immediate terrorist threat.



Consortia Training has a full Prevent Policy that can be read by following this Link PREVENT POLICY

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