Environmental and Sustainability

  • Have you heard the term “Green?” and reducing your carbon footprint?.
  • This carecycling-160925_960_720n be achieved by using less energy, reducing the amount of waste by reducing, recycling and reusing.
  • Every employer will want you to work economically! If you waste products or other resources then you’ll lose the business money.




  • Measure hair colour and peroxide out accurately to avoid waste – only get what you know you’ll need!
  • Don’t automatically issue appointment cards if a client has a smartphone or diary
  • Use pump dispensers to avoid waste
  • Reduce water use by turning off taps between shampoos
  • Disposable eco towels to save on energy
  • Rotate stock so it doesn’t go out of date
  • Print on both sides of the paper
  • An electronic appointment system saves paper
  • Turn Lights off
  • Become a solar paneled salon! Or at least maximize your use of natural day light!
  • Unplug appliances not in use
  • Use low energy bulbs
  • Turn heating down



  • Avoid disposable cups
  • Go retro and buy old rather than new and make sure you sell / or give away your old furniture
  • Re use items for furniture rather than buying new!
  • Re-use bags



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